Sport Tours Italia are delighted to be associated with Return2Play and Doctor on Tour.

Both are absolute MUSTS for any individual athlete, team, club, school or university!

Get in touch with them to discuss how they can help you manage

your athletes both at home and whilst away on tour

Who are Return2Play?

Return2Play is a leading sports medicine company which provides world-class injury management solutions. We believe players of all ages and ability should have access to the best medical care without delay and at affordable rates. Our particular expertise is the management of concussion in children, where we have a proven record in providing services that achieve optimum outcomes.

Our innovative technology ensures all players are supported from the day of injury until they are fit, able and confident to return to sport. Organisations are able to document compliance and evidence long-term best practice. Return2Play’s technology, alongside our consulting, education and immediate care services gives schools, clubs and governing bodies the peace of mind that they are providing their players with gold-standard care at all times.







We believe that players should have access to the same gold standard level of care whether they are in the UK or abroad on a tour.
Our emergency medical advice line, injury management and compliance tools provide staff and parents with the peace of mind and reassurance that if an injury or illness occurs to a player, they are dealt with appropriately.
Our doctors are willing to travel with touring parties. Doctors are able to take on pastoral and safeguarding responsibilities as well as medical duties.